While developing the Contact Mechanics approach and all its different applications a lot of software has been developed. These programs are very specialized tools that have been programmed and refreshed within the past 10 years and more. There are 5 different software codes available at Multiscale Consulting:



Contact Mechanics


Rubber Friction


Surface Roughness Power Spectrum


E-Modulus Shifting


Rough Surface Generator  


Each of these tools solves very different problems but they are also closely interconnected. The Contact Mechanics module for example needs input from the Surface Roughness Power Spectrum code. For more information on what the different programs do please use the links.
Every Program is a very unique and effective tool offering a lot of different output information. Within the description for each module a short summary file is sometimes viewable. However most of the results which are available after the calculation are saved in separate ASCII files. If you are interested in any of the programs or you have more questions concerning, e.g., the output available, please contact us. Some of the programs are rather complex and it needs a detailed description to fully understand its capabilities.
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