Contact Mechanics and Friction are topics of huge importance with many applications in Nature and technology. They are closely interconnected, so that understanding friction requires a deep insight into the contact formation between two solids. We at MultiscaleConsulting have developed novel, cutting-edge procedures to understand and calculate what is happening when two surfaces form contact.
MultiscaleConsulting supplies in this context software and advice, numerical calculations and experimental studies to help solving your problems involving interacting surfaces.

We have released our first online lectures on Contact Mechanics and Rubber Friction. These lectures explain in a simple way how the theory approach works and how the input parameters are obtained. Please find the lectures here.
New articles published:
PhD thesis now online available

The thesis of Dr.-Ing. B. Lorenz is now online available. It gives a nice introduction to the topics Contact Mechanics and Rubber Friction and comprehends the experimental work done in the past 3 years to test the approach of Persson.
Seminar 2014 on Contact Mechanics in Cologne
In 2014 we will again organize a seminar in Cologne. The topic will be: Contact Mechanics with Applications - New Approaches and Software Tools.