Multiscale Consulting is your partner for understanding and solving problems related to Contact Mechanics efficient and quick. Many technological problems involve Contact Mechanics. It usually plays a key role in optimizing a product or understanding a mechanism. However it is a very complex topic involving many length scales which may require help from experts. We offer many years of experience and detailed know-how in contact mechanics and related fields.
Multiscale Consulting researchers are working at the cutting edge of this whole field in the last couple of years. We have developed new methods to describe, analyze and understand contact mechanics in great detail which resulted in novel tools for our customers. Our activities started about 15 years ago when Dr. Persson introduced his theories to calculate real area of contact, interfacial separation and stress distribution in the contact, and many other important quantities in the context of contact formation between two solids.
The findings of Persson have led to numerous publications in peer-reviewed, international journals. Most of these articles you may find in our online library.
The theories of Persson have been applied to many different and important technological problems which helped to solve our customers questions. Here we give a short summary of our expertise and the fields on which we have worked on already.

Contact Mechanics


The main theory approach

Rubber Friction


Modelling friction mechanisms

Leakage of Seals


Our leak-rate model

Bio Adhesion


Why do Geckos climb on walls?


Heat Transfer


How is heat transferred?


Fluid Squeeze-out


Expelling fluids from a contact


Skin Friction & Syringes


Tribology and humans


Theory Validation


Testing the theory of Persson

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